Zero Issue














In a world overrun by superheroes, only a few are special. Dale Dinkle isn't one of them. But he'll stop at nothing to become famous. Zero issue was written by Matt Cullinan and produced by the New York Picture Company and is currently in post-production and set to premiere in June 2019.


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Seven Fishes (Writer/Producer)












Dom attempts to squash the tension between his estranged sister Gia and the rest of the Bonfiglio family this holiday season. But when he discovers Gia's running away again, Dom lashes out at Gia before he realizes he was wrong. Gia wasn't planning on leaving town - she was planning on leaving life. 

The script of Seven Fishes was a Second Rounder in the short screenplay competition at The Austin Film Festival in 2019.

The original draft of Seven Fishes was recorded on The CRY HAVOC Podcast and is currently in pre-production to be filmed in the summer 2019.