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About Ali's Producing

Ali is an award and grant winning producer. She works to bring the stories she produces to at the highest quality possible while staying on time and on budget. She brings sanity and success to chaos via meticulous note-taking, spreadsheet making, and sending diplomatic-yet-firm emails.

Her production experience stems from her days working as an Associate and Assistant Director. Select Credits Include: LADY DAY AT EMERSON'S BAR AND GRILL (Broadway), and LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER productions of SWEENEY TODD, ROB FISCHER CELEBRATES KANDER & EBB, and ONE SINGULAR SENSATION: CELEBRATING MARVIN HAMLISH.

Select Film Production Credits Include: BEST WORST THING THAT EVER COULD HAVE HAPPENED* (Netflix), ZERO ISSUE (Producer), IN DEFENSE OF CIVIL SOCIETY (Sarasota Film Festival, Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Festival), SEVEN FISHES (Long Island International Film Expo, Art of Brooklyn Film Festival).

She is also the Digital Content Producer for Paula Rizzo (include List Producer,, and the live-streaming show Inside Scoop).

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Ali on set.

For more details on select films Ali has produced check out the films page.

For Ali's producing resume click here.

*Now streaming on Netflix.

What It's Like Working with Ali


"Ali Keller is the one that gets shit done. She’s a producer that only finds solutions to problems. She always aims to maintain the vision of the art, as well as boosts morale and keeps things on time."

– Rafeh Mahmud, Director/Co-Writer of In Defense of Civil Society 

"The role of a producer is, unfortunately, oft perfunctorily performed. Not so with Ali; she plays the pragmatist, the dreamer, the confidant, and the life-saver with equal measure and the utmost aplomb."

– Ellis Hubschman, DP of In Defense of Civil Society 

"What you have with In Defense of Civil Society is an amazingly well produced short film. It is easy as seen here to get caught up in the wonderful writing but all elements of this film work so well. From the cinematography, shot selection, music, sound mixing, and acting there are loads of praise that can be given. This is nothing less than a crowning achievement for all those involved."

– Daniel Hess, ToTony Productions Blog - Full Review

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