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Ali believes in helping the writer (or writing team) craft the shows they are trying to create. She filters her feedback through the goals of the writers she's working with and believes in creating a work flow that bed fits the team. With each new client, a new process is tailored specifically for them.

Ali has been a Dramaturg with the New York Musical Festival where this past year, the musical she worked with, PETER, WHO? and 'Till which both won Best Book.  She has also worked with many individual clients on new plays and musicals through Beehive Dramaturgy.

For Ali's dramaturgy resume click here.

Working with Ali

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"As a beginning screenwriter, I realized I needed some focused assistance to bring my script to the next level. Ali Keller provided exactly what I needed -- hard-nosed, accurate, helpful feedback. As a result, my script was solicited for review by an agent in the U.K." 




"I found working with Ali Keller to be both enjoyable and productive.  Her insight and advice helped me to make my show much better than it was when we started."


- Tom Lough, screenwriter of Go For The Five

- Marty Levine, writer of Free Will Shakespeare

"I've enjoyed working with Ali. She wants to learn what excites the playwright about the story, asks great questions, and helped me see my script from a few new angles and get it ready to share with a broader audience. "


– Chris Slevin, writer of Burton


Package #1

Cost: $150 (plays)

$180 (musicals)


- 1-2 hour feedback discussion with Ali

- One written document of notes

Package # 2

Cost: $275 (plays)

$335 (musicals)


- 2, 1-2 hour feedback discussions with Ali*

- One written document of notes for each session

Package #3

Cost: $350 (plays)

$400 (musicals)


- 3, 1-2 hour feedback discussions with Ali*

- One written document of notes for each session

Package #4

Cost: $100


- Feedback session for outline, treatment, fundraising campaign, application or consulting discussion for a project

If you're interested in getting dramaturgical assistance on your play, screenplay, or musical - please reach out to Ali using the contact page. The feedback package and pricing options are listed below.*


If you don't see anything that fits your needs, reach out to Ali about creating a custom package.

*Sliding scale available for shorter or select projects 

*The discussion time included in package can be broken up into shorter/more frequent discussions depending on what's needed.

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