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Fantasies are harmless, right? But what happens when your spouse wants to take a dark fantasy from the realm of imagination firmly into your bedroom? For two couples, the boundaries of compromise, communication, and unconditional love are tested to their breaking point, and seven-year-old Mia is getting caught in the crossfire. 

Development History & Readings: Semi-finalist for SPACE on Ryder Farm Residency, 2020 Austin Film Festival Second Rounder, Readings at: Judson Assembly Hall & Pearl Studios

"Wow what a punch in the gut this play is. Keller is asking questions that we need to be having here. I really hope there are theatres out there brave enought to produce a piece like this."

                                                             - Shaun Leisher (Co-Founder and Literary Manager of Emerge Theatre Company)


BLOOD/SWEAT/TEARS is a horror movie, inside of a musical, inside of a play about Ginny (and her movie and musical counterparts – the show is triple cast across the worlds) – Ginny is a bookwriter & lyricist, who’s fighting to get the final draft of her musical script approved to go into rehearsals. But as Ginny’s creative team insists on changes, she begins rewrites that drastically impact the plot of the musical and therefore the horror movie. Turning a story that should be one of determination and success into a disturbing tale about survival, as reality and fiction begin to blur during Ginny’s final evaluation. 


BLOOD/SWEAT/TEARS is like if Inception and Whiplash had a baby – and that baby sang like 50% of the time.

Development History & Readings: The Tank LIMEFEST 2021, Winter Intensive at The Workshop Theatre 2021, Abe Koogler's Workshop, ESPA Primary Stages First Draft Class


Troj is living her best life: she's in the top sorority, she's head girlfriend at the Lambda fraternity house, she's an internet sensation, and she's in the running for a dream fellowship. She's so perfect, no one even cares that she's a raging monster behind closed doors. Until Carolyn has the audacity to date the next Lambda president, compete for the same fellowship and threaten the empire she has built. Their resulting feud nearly destroys everyone’s friendships, relationships, and Greek Organizations. And for what? Neither one of them ends up with the fellowship anyway.


STANDARDS is the story of four women who have every reason to get along but instead choose to tear each other down.

Development History & Readings: Semi-Finalist for The Mitten Lab, Primary Stages ESPA Drills Finalist, The Dramatists Guild - Friday Night Footlights, Reading with The CRY HAVOC Company at Ripley Grier Studios, & Skeleton Rep Salon Series

"Standards" takes everything you might expect from a sorority-centric play, holds it by its ankles and demands its lunch money. It is a poignant look at the troubled—and sometimes downright evil—side of the people who use the internet to gain celebrity for being seemingly perfect and wonderful...The dialogue is quick and engaging, and when the characters turn on a dime it feels so natural you almost don't even notice it. There is a genuine sense of artistic purpose from Ali, and it seeps through her writing. Ali writes in her statement that she's not interested in offering people answers to the questions her plays pose, and "Standards" is no different. Ali Keller doesn't care what you think, and that makes for some wild character studies."

                                                                                                                      - The Mitten Lab Residency Selection Committee

Select Short Plays

No Italian

In 1923, Stella traveled to America from Sicily in the hopes of giving her daughter, Emily a better life. NOW, 20 years later, Emily is all grown up, married to a soldier, and living on a military base on Governors Island in the middle of World War II- But Stella didn't risk everything for her daughter to grow up and be an Italian wife.


Production History (Workshops): Rising Sun Performance Company Laboratorium & At Home Artists Project

House on Fire

Megan is promoted at her company asked to make a public statement about the man she officially accused of sexual misconduct.

Production History: Primary Stages Detention Series, Madison College Performing Arts,  Me & My Masks Monologue Competition

Dead Man Walking

Jack's worried about his little brother Petey because he's got a good job, a nice apartment, and a soon-to-be fiancé that everybody hates. Jack's looking for the right time to talk to Petey about his life choices - maybe during the proposal wasn't it.


Production History (Workshops): East Los Angeles College American College Theater Festival & The Five Borough Plays Festival