About Ali's Writing

Some people write to make audiences feel like everything will be okay, Ali writes in the hopes that audiences will go and try to figure out how to be okay. Her work is designed to make you laugh at the absurdity of characters’ actions, until you’re crying because you’ve realized they’re pursuing the same basic things we all want - love, connection, acceptance, and understanding. Her plays, screenplays, and musicals ask audiences to humanize dark and difficult subjects by asking, “Now that you’ve seen this, now that you know this can happen, where do we go from here?”

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Cast & Creative Team for reading of (un)conditional in 2020.

From Left to Right: Katelin Wilcox, Andhy Mendez, Kim Taff, Annalisa Chamberlin, Will Rogers, Daniella Rabbani, Matt Cowart, Ali Keller, & Jennifer Curfman.

For details about specific works in development check out the plays, musicals, and screenplays pages.

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What It's Like Working with Ali

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"Ali is a confident artist with a strong voice that makes her a great collaborator. She understands plots and character with a brilliant intensity, which deepends the understanding of any piece she works on.”


– Emily Rose Simons, Composer, works with Ali on ...The F*ck Am I Doing?, and BLOOD/SWEAT/TEARS