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Select Screenplays

Baby Lamb
The Golden Age

A couple tries to move on after a tragedy, but a stuffed animal in their apartment won't let them.


An elderly lawyer finally gets justice for herself.

Le Meilleur

A cheery customer service agent hand picks customers to get special tours of the company offices.

Aram comes to LA to bring his childhood friend Matya back to Pennsylvania in the wake of a tragedy in their home town in the 1930s - but Matya, now going by Paige, is uninterested in returning to the family that didn't want her.

Select Honors: Winner of Honorable Mention Award at the London International Monthly Film Festival 2021, a Semi Finalist at the 2021 Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival, and a Finalist at The Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival 2021.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention follows Denise and Harper, two estranged cousins that find one another through Denise’s journey to rebuild her life post-cult, Harper’s journey to become a Christian actress, and the Cult leader’s journey to bring her estranged family members back to her cult. 

Select Honors: Quarterfinalist at the Page Turner Screenplays Competition 2021.


In an attempt to keep his family together, eight year old Johnny kidnaps his younger stepsisters stuffed raccoon.

Bandit is on the Coverfly Red List!

Select Honors: Winner of LA Screenplay Fest 2021, the Georgia Shorts Film Festival, Lonely Wolf International Film Festival Official Jury Selection 2021, Official Selection Script Summit 2021, Official Selection Best Script Award 2021, Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Short Screenplay Semi-Finalist 2021, Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival Finalist 2021, a Second Rounder at the SYS’s Six-Figure Screenplay Contest, a Quarterfinalist at the 2021 Filmmatic Short Screenplay Competition and the Female Voice Rock Film Festival, and a Semifinalist at the 2021 Lonely Seal Festival, the 2021 Scriptation Showcase Script Competition and the Atlanta Screenplay Awards.

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