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2024 Updates

(un)conditional is a selection at the Soho Playhouse Lighthouse Series this month! Come see performances April 17th, 18th, and 23rd! Buy tickets here!

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Ali is producing INFERNA at The Tank! It will be performing June 2nd & 3rd. Stay turned for more information!


When Life Gives You Lemons is an Official Selection at the Victoria Film Festival!

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 3.20.06 PM.png


2023 Highlights


In 2023 Ali Keller LLC won an IndieSpace grant and her film to have & to hold won World Webfest Mania which came with free film equipment to produce a new film in 2024. Ali completed her first residency at ForgeFuel. She partnered with Hire Survivors Hollywood to use her show Blood/Sweat/Tears to bring the organization's toolkit for creating a safe space to NYC theater and promote the hiring of survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. Her hit play Christen the Place is being adapted into a TV series and her feature Baby Lamb began development. 

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