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Ali's screenplay Bandit is a Finalist at the Tokyo International Film Festival!

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Zero Issue is an Official Selection at Lift-Off Global Network's Toronto Film Festival!

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In Defense of Civil Society is an Official Selection at the Oregon Short Film Festival AND the HALO International Film Festival!

Indie Shorts Mag.jpg


In Defense of Civil Society and Seven Fishes got Honorable Mentions for being in the top 10% of films selected for the Indie Shorts Mag Film Festival!



In Defense of Civil Society, Seven Fishes, and Zero Issue are ALL Official Selections at the Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Festival. Click here to watch on July 13th!

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Ali completed her certificate program with NYU Tisch! 

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In Defense of Civil Society and Zero Issue have glowing reviews in the To Tony Productions Blog! 



Seven Fishes was an Official Selection at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival! Check out this great review of Seven Fishes and the other short films in the same block here!



Seven Fishes is an Official Selection at the Long Island International Film Expo! Check back for more details about how to watch it in person and online this summer!

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Watch Ali talk about producing and writing on 2 panels with the Spokane Film Project on YouTube!



Seven Fishes is a winner at the Little Rock Italian Film Festival!

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Check out In Defense of Civil Society streaming at the 2021 Sarasota Film Festival starting April 30th! GET TICKETS HERE! (In the Florida Narratives Shorts Block)



...The F*ck Am I Doing? by Ali Keller & Emily Rose Simons is being virtually produced virtually by The COW Community (based in the UK) at the Brighton Fringe Festival. GET TICKETS HERE!

To read rave reviews of the production click here and here!

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Check out Ali & the Zero Issue team on May 1st at Midwest Action Fest at 530pm EST! GET TICKETS HERE

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Ali's screenplay is an Official Selection at Script Summit 2021!




Ali's screenplay Bandit won the LA Screenplay Fest 2021!

Ali is an Affiliate Dramaturg with Beehive Dramaturgy.


Check out her mention and the great work Beehive Dramaturgy is doing in this Broadway World article!

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Ali's screenplay The Golden Age got an honorable mention at The London International Monthly Film Festival!

Bandit is a Semi-Finalist in the Shoot Your Short Screenplay Competition!

Click Here to check out the entire Top 100.

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Ali hosts a podcast about how Pretty Little Liars, horror movies and the horror movie references in Pretty Little Liars with comedian Ellis Hoffmeister - available on iTunes and Spotify.

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Zero Issue was an Official Selection at GeekFest Toronto.